Debunking #Smartmatic’s Fake Fact Checking…

This week Smartmatic, the voting software creator that has been in hot water of late, put out a “fact check” list of popular news items that have been circulating through the internet while America tries to make sense of all the rumors and fraud allegations that have been going around since November 3rd. While this list executes a common diversionary tactic of blending obviously wrong or wrongly attributed conspiracy theories into the mix with legitimate claims or allegations put forth against them.

Chief among them, and the easiest to debunk was whether or not they are an American based company. According to their fact check:

Funny, enough, a very cursory review of Wikileaks proffered this government document specifically citing quite the opposite of their spurious claim:

Funny that…

Further down at the end of the memo provided by Wikileaks, the truth about the foundations of Smartmatic is revealed as clear as day:

So this memo obviously shows that in my opinion the fact of where Smartmatic currently resides now is kind of a red herring, because no one appears to know for certain WHERE THEY CAME FROM.The fact of the matter is, according to this memo, Smartmatic “came out of nowhere” to obliterate Chavez’s opposition and after that showed up in the US and now runs huge portions of the US voting apparatus.

FBI where are you?



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  1. John sharon
    January 16, 2021

    I think we are heading into the new world order where there will be one king over the whole world!

    • January 16, 2021

      Well I think so, too. #HisNameIsJesus <3

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