Opening The Biden Closet

It has become increasingly obvious over the course of the past few years that Joseph Biden is unstable. He is flighty, forgetful and aggressive in a suspiciously dementia-like way. But to add insult to injury, he has a son, Hunter, who has a drug problem, and has been exposed as, at a minimum, living a rock star lifestyle while overseas with his dad that would make the Rolling Stones jealous, and should seriously be considered as a fourth installment to the “Hangover” movie series.

It has now most recently been revealed that there is a series of media out there which portrays Hunter Biden in compromising situations with illicit drugs and possibly more. This is being investigated along with Hunter’s numerous financial transactions


This screenshot of the Senate investigation says it all. Hunter Biden AND HIS FAMILIES financial dealings with foreign nations makes him an extortion risk and would in any other situation make a candidate for even the Secret Service ineligible, much less a Presidential candidate.

This is a perfect example of anarcho-tyranny because it demonstrates a disparity in the rule of law between citizens and their elected officials.

The fact that Facebook and Twitter are doing everything in their power to censor the spread of this information is an example of Anarcho-Tech-Tyranny, because the technocrats who run the most utilized social media platforms in the world are censoring important information that the people deserve to know.

Here is a letter sent from Jim Jordan that demands Facebook to account for their shocking and fascistic attempts to block access to this information:


More as the story develops.