Choosing Between Stupidity and Truth

The really sad thing is I truly don’t think this #Coyotes drama is coming from a place of stupidity. It’s stemming from a place of such vitriolic hatred for @POTUS they are willing to forgo logic or an attempt to understand & go straight to ignorant ridicule. @TheDemocrats & #MSM are directly responsible for this. Their blatant lies about our situation as a society, the threats we face as a nation and as different cultures within those borders, and their encouraging, enabling and in some cases directly supporting violent uprisings in order to sway the course of not only the election but the direction by which this country grows towards as a whole for generations to come. They would seek to tear everything down and propose to be able to rebuild everything just as fast bigger & better than ever, but that is simply not possible.

#Socialism’s biggest weakness is in it’s inability to slow roll the changes it proposes to make. It moves so fast, so hard on the people and society that by the time it gets to even close to it’s end game there are already piles of bodies and ruined infrastructure everywhere. This of course will be obfuscated by the relief that some people will have that @realdonaldtrump is no longer in power. They will breathe a sigh of relief, head back and eyes closed, and before they even have enough time to bring their heads down the world will have irreparably changed around them. @HillaryClinton wasn’t supposed to lose. Phone calls were made, deals were waiting for signatures, pieces of the Great Game were in place. Much of that could very well still be out there, waiting in the wings. If so that would make our transition so much more rapid and terrible. With complete disregard for lessons learned in the past, science and even simple mathematics, they will push forward with their radical agenda that has already been laid out before them by (((THEY))) in the shadows.

If they were smart they would see the signs and pull back. The powers of old were good at the long game. But the people we are dealing with now were so sure they were going to transcend above the rule of law and hide the transgressions of their past (and present) and now have created a situation where waiting will only enable their opponents to uncover more of their evil and shady back room deals and international criminal activities. They must stop the revelation of their evil from reaching a higher public consciousness. And so they encourage feelings over facts, hatred over understanding, blind allegiance to a do nothing political party over the incredible accomplishments @realdonaldtrump has been largely responsible for.


In the end you don’t have to like Donald Trump. You don’t even                                                                have to be a Republican or a Conservative. But you should want to genuinely be you. Be as smart as you actually are. Use the brain that has been given you to understand what is going on through research and even just a basic google search. The things people are being lied to about are not complicated things. They don’t have to be when the people are largely programmed to be provoked emotionally and to let that guide their perception of reality. It is easier to hate than to understand. It is easier to believe a lie than to call it out with the truth, particularly when so many people are buying into it.


As it turns out, the truth doesn’t care about your feelings. The truth doesn’t care about what is convenient for you and your belief systems. They say they are against racism and bigotry and yet the very behavior and hateful rhetoric they spout against conservatives and Donald Trump are the very essence of racism and bigotry. The violence in the streets against conservative gatherings and even getting in the faces of passers-by and people at restaurants is the actions of a violent fascist. This is undeniable.

As undeniable as the fact that people need to stop living the lie and embracing reality, no matter where it leads.

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